2nd Edition Superlunaris Tarot Now Available!

Superlunaris Tarot - 2nd Edition

Created by Superlunaris Tarot

It's here! The 2nd Edition of Superlunaris Tarot is now available and ships immediately! đź’ś Superlunaris: belonging to a higher world. A diverse reworking of the Smith-Waite system with a life force of its own. Designed for personal development, transformation and empowerment for all. Superlunaris Tarot deck comes with: • 78 full color standard Tarot sized cards printed on 350 gsm card stock with matte lamination, measuring 2.75" x 4.75" • Rose gold metallic deck edges • Borderless imagery with slightly rounded corners • A sturdy one piece Superlunaris box with a flip left side cover lid, magnetic closure and matte finish • Small, color, 8-page folded quick-look keyword guide that fits in the box on top of the cards Visit www.superlunaris.com to see more Follow us on IG @superlunaristarot Contact us at [email protected]

Est. Shipping: 06/2021